List of Games

Released on September 11th 2022, "Dear Diary" is a narrative 2D video game that approaches the experience of intrusive thoughts. Players control a tiny ghost who finds themselves trapped in a small room, which is soon discovered to be populated by intrusive creatures. The game was made within the game engine "bitsy" and is available on

Released on September 26th 2022, "MAKE A WISH" is a narrative 2D experience, which recalls a personal memory of mine. Within this memory, I am dealing with grief after having lost a close family member. Making this game has helped me to deal with some of the complex feelings that I was going through at the time. The memory was made using the game engine "bitsy" and is available on

Released on November 24th 2022, "i am feeling things" is a narrative 2D experience that has players following the dating story of two queer characters called Lydia and Ophelia. After they have been talking online for a while, they finally meet up in a café to explore their relationship in person. The story is told from Lydia's perspective, its aim is to use the medium of video games in order to create a queer experience that feels both liberating and comforting. The original game was made within the span of 24 hours, using bitsy as a submission to both the bitsy jam #67 and Yuri Jam 2022. Since its release, the game has received two small visual updates. The game is available on